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The Sims Mobile was created and released by “ELECRTORNICS ARTS” company and they have managed to make it available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms totally for free. But that does not mean that the game is entirely for free…

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The game is including the in-app purchase system, which makes you totally in need to spend continuously to enjoy the full features in the game. And with The Sims Mobile Cheats service, you can get things done and without even paying a single penny.

Receive any number of cash you desire by tapping on the link shown here and if you are curious about how it works and if it’s effective or not. Then reading the game review down below could help you out with this matter.

General Introduction For The Starters. (Skipping Is Optional)

Finally, the long awaited Sims game has arrived at our hands to test out. So we have decided to write this The Sims Mobile Hack to help you with understanding the main basics of the game and get a pre information of the gameplay.

So, we have decided to skip out all the unnecessary filling lines and head directly into the main components of the gameplay and the starting instructions for the beginners to help them with having a smooth start up in there.

First thing to keep in mind is the internet connection. Yes, the game is offline but still you will have to keep a strong Wi-Fi connection enabled at the beginning phase of the game in order to download the latest patches being applied to the game. The developers of such a big company are working day and night to deliver the best experience for the users.

This does not mean that you will need the connection to be able to play the game and enjoy it is main features, it is still playable in the offline mode the same as many other games out there. And on the next segment we will be moving a little bit deeper into the game.

Create Your First Sim!

If you ever felt like the information we are providing to you at these segments are not matching up your expectations, then feel free to scroll down until you reach the part where we will be mentioning the most advanced The Sims Mobile tips for the advanced players.

And now with the character creation process and how it looks like for our side of view. First of all, you got two options:

  • Randomize: This feature will allow you to keep creating a random customized character, each tap over it will give you another option. It is considered to be a time saver for you, but you if you have the time and willing to create your own character with all of its details then the Customize option would be the best for you.
  • Customize: an advanced feature for the players whom are chasing the smallest details of the game. You will be able to customize every part of your character and that is what we will be handling later on here with details. Do not worry, The Sims Mobile Cheats has nothing to do with this part.

A Very Detailed Customizing System

Customizing your character will require some effort and patience from your side. So we have the head including every part of it, the eye brows, nose shape, mouth shape, and the skin color as well.

Your character’ body and how it looks, fat, thin, and maybe even in-between. All of these options are available for you to choose from. And once you are done with the interior part of the character, you may move into the style.

Your character’s style can be changed from inside the game at different stages and it is not permanent like the other parts we have mentioned previously. Choose the outfit you would love to see your character wearing all day long.

And now with one of the most interesting feature that makes the game very unique and entertaining, the Traits!

Here is a quick description for the traits system in the sims and how it works. Each character will have its own three main traits and they will not be changed no matter what, even if you have used The Sims Mobile Hack service. These traits are indicating how the sim is going to interact with the different situations around him/her and which path in the future will he be taking.

Understand How the Traits Work

The traits system is something we have loved in every previous version of the game, and we have wished if they expanded it and made it a little bit improved and that what has happened in this version.

So, here is the list of the main traits you can pick at the sim creation process. There will be other traits coming unlocked and will require certain conditions from you to get it done, so let’s start!

  • Artsy: Your sim will become an art addict, which means you will have to purchase paintings to put on the walls all over the house, this is the ideal way to make him/her happy. Afford purchasing these paintings with The Sims Mobile cheats. And you might also want to consider helping him to improve his painting skills and become a professional painter at some point.
  • Athletic: A fit sim is the perfect sim. You will get to attract more girls and once you manage to mix it with the right traits, things will become perfect for you, without a doubt.
  • Geek: A lover for the technologies and everything related mainly to the computers. We are not preferring this profession as it is very isolating and costly, even though the Sims Mobile cheats is covering up the expenses but still…

We have many more traits to cover up in the next segment!


How to Unlock the Remaining Traits?

Three traits have been previewed and we still have got almost 5 traits remaining to preview quickly, and a quick reminder…you may only pick up 3 traits at the starting scene. And now let’s go back to the remaining traits.

  • Musical: a lover for the music, a sim who has taste of pure music and would love to keep the house pumped up with loud music. The neighbors may not find this a very friendly thing, but do not let anyone tell you what to do!
  • Logical: a very smart sim, you will find less trouble with such a type of sims. But they do not get to socialize with surrounding people very easily like in Brawl Stars Hack.

The two remaining traits are going to require special skills and conditions to become available. Of course you will always have an advantage with the Sims Mobile Hack, but you should be also having a little bit of awareness to how they work and will affect your sim in the future.

A restricted Missioning Path

Everything happening at the starting tutorial of the game is only there to introduce you to the different features of the game and the mechanism behind the main questing system.

The game is no longer way too free for you to do whatever you want, of course at some point you will get the right to do so. But on the mobile version, things are a little bit restricted and you have to go through a pre decided path.

Start your first mission right away by reading the welcome letter. And since we have spoken about the missions, then we cannot ignore the fact that everything happening in the game will consume a certain amount of time.

Getting rid of the waiting periods can be done by spending cash. Depending now on the task you are doing, the periods will vary and it could be way too long as well. So using The Sims Mobile cheats service could be the right thing at this point.

Speeding up the processes around you and progress faster towards your goals is something that everyone is seeking. And as we illustrated earlier, The Sims Mobile Hack will get it done for you or using Brawl Stars Cheats!

Advanced Tips:

The main story behind the house you are starting in. Is that your aunt has passed away and now left this house for you to rebuild it and revive make the family’s legacy live longer.

But here are the most important parts about the gameplay, that every new player should be knowing before stepping in there.

  • You need to react quickly to the given tasks, some of them will not be available forever.
  • Completing tasks will help you with gaining experience points and advancing in the overall level.
  • If you have more than one sim, then you will need to work on them simulation to advance in level.
  • Keep an eye over the running clock, the in game time is very crucial and will determine many things in the future.
  • Get your hands over The Sims Mobile cheats to be able to purchase whatever you want.

These were the main points that you will be facing in the gameplay inside. And we have decided to keep a closer look over them parts and discuss them separately…

Make Love Do Not Make War

You should be excepting the first visit from Bella. Her grandmother was a good friend wit hour aunt and she is coming to welcome you in the neighborhood. And now the game is taking a whole new edge which is the social points.

Every sim will have social points calculator. These points will increase if you managed to speak and create relations with strangers. Doing this frequently will help you to have many friends and a better life overall.

Making friends is not that hard if you have the right traits, but you may also ruin it by picking up the wrong lines or maybe even over exceed your limits with the friends. That is something you should put into consideration.

We have created a small list that is full of the most important steps you should be following in order to create a stable relation with strangers.

  • Say hello first, and then take it easy with the conversation. No need to rush things out unless you feel that the other side is comfortable.
  • Flirting should be your last move, give the relations time and things will come eventually.
  • Speed up the conversations by spending cash from The Sims Mobile cheats.
  • Pick up your words carefully and do not spit out random.

Claim Interesting Rewards by Collecting Event Points

Every single small move you are doing in the game will be monitored and there will be consequences in return. So if you are performing good, then there will be more points coming into your pocket. The more points you have, the better the rewards will be.

Maybe the rewards will not be that high when compared with The Sims Mobile Hack powers, but still are good enough to help you with the legacy mission thing.

For example: doing events will help you to gain event points. And throwing out parties is the ideal way for the starters. And of course The Sims Mobile cheats will be helping you out with such a thing.

For every event you are finishing successfully, tap check mark to collect the reward instantly. These are the most enjoyable moments of the game we have witnessed so far. And every new relationship you are managing to get it done, it will be added to your friends list.

Enter the info panel to check out on your friends and choose from a list full of features to enjoy. You may send them an invitation to visit you at any time, but of course pick up an appropriate time to call as if you called them way too late, they would be way pissed off from you and it may lead to a big problem.

The Journey of Finding the Perfect Partner

Knowing that every sim you are dealing with is having a different trait from you is something you should never ignore at any cost. The interests they are sharing could be totally different from yours. And that is the hard part when it comes to finding the right partner.

And now let’s put the entire relationship part behind us and head into the part where you will be purchasing items for your house and getting bigger. And we do not have to remind you with the Sims Mobile Hack service, especially when it comes to the purchase parts.

Your sim has feelings and actually they are divided into main attributes, we will be talking about them in depth right now.

  • Hygiene: You can improve it by giving your sim a good shower or by cleaning the house entirely from the trash.
  • Sleep: your sim needs to take a rest and cannot be functioning 24/7 without a good bed. Increase the sleeping patterns with a good comfortable bed. Purchase it with The Sims Mobile Cheats.

We will continue what we started here in terms of the main attributes of the sims in general in the next segment.

How to Make Your Sim Live a Happier Life?

Here is the remaining list of the main attributes with a solution to the sim to make him/her feel better overall….

  • Environment: this bar can be filled up with a better place. So we are speaking in general your house needs to be clean at first and then you need have a good decoration for it.
  • Bladder: of course, you must have a proper bathroom and make sure that you are placing it close to your bed, the sim could wake up at any time and urgently looking for the bladder.
  • Hunger: is your sim hungry? It is very simple, purchase a fridge and that would be taking us into a whole new story…

We need to have a proper plan to cover up your sim hunger. First thing to do is to teach the sim how to cock at the first place and purchase a cook plus a fridge filled with the goods from the grocery. Purchasing them with help from The Sims Mobile Hack would make things a lot easier than you are expecting though.

If you feel like that you have enough cash from The Sims Mobile Hack, then ordering a fast food could be a quick and easy option of course. But that would be killing a very interesting part of the gameplay.

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